Simply Wool Worsted Twist from Knit Picks

Simply Wool Worsted Twist

from Knit Picks
Aran (8 wpi) ?
218 yards
(199 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
4.5 sts
= 1 inch
US 6 - 9 or 4 - 5.5mm
5.5mm (I) - 6.5mm (K)
100% Wool
Care: Dry Flat, Hand Wash Cold
Color: Barber pole
Dye: Undyed
Put up: Winding required

You’d have to shear your own sheep to get any more natural, this 100% Eco wool yarn is good for you and Mother Earth. The product of centuries of shepherding tradition, the balanced twist and dense, plump hand gives this yarn fabulous definition for textured or cabled sweaters and accessories.

No dyes or bleach are used to process the yarn; the eight natural shades are created by meticulously sorting the fiber as it comes off the sheep. As colors are naturally occurring, some variation from skein to skein is normal.

(Does not have separate listing on KnitmPicks website but is labelled differently to Simply Wool.)

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