Elena Single from Moeke Yarns

Elena Single

from Moeke Yarns
Sport (12 wpi) ?
361 yards
(330 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
24.0 sts
= 4 inches
US 2½ - 6 or 3 - 4mm
3mm - 4mm (G)
100% Wool
Care: Dry Flat, Hand Wash
Color: Semi-solid, Solid color, Variegated
Drafting method: Woolen spun
Dye: Natural dyes, Undyed
Ply: Single ply
Put up: Winding required
Source of fiber: Romania, small farm sourced, sheep breed: Tigaie
Scoured: Romania, minimally processed, lanolin content high
Milled: Romania, small traditional fiber mills

100% traditional Romanian wool

Elena single is made from wool from the Romanian sheep breed Tigaie (half-breed). In 2015 Elena single was offered in variegated and dyed with plants. After 2016 Elena single was offered only in natural shades: natural off-white, brown and grey.

Elena was spun in different fiber mills. The fiber mill and the batch is indicated on the label. When matching skeins from different sources please check the fiber mill and the batch.

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