Finnwool Summer Of Dyeing from mominoki yarn

Finnwool Summer Of Dyeing

from mominoki yarn
Fingering (14 wpi) ?
197 yards
(180 meters)
50 grams
(1.76 ounces)
US 0 - 2½ or 2 - 3mm
100% Wool
Care: Hand Wash
Dye: Hand dyed, Natural dyes, Undyed
Source of fiber: Finland
Milled: Finland
Dyed: Finland, Natural dyeing with local plants of middle Finland

Special Edition which is dyed with local plants in Finland in summer 2018.

In the summer of 2018 we stayed 2 month in Finland to dye with local plants and mushrooms. To catch the spirit of the summer and collect it in the colours was our intention and what we’ve got is a wonderful, subtile colour-palette.

The yarn is spun mainly from finnsheep and other high quality yarns from Finland. By natural wool yarns which are not superwash treated, the fragrance of sheep remaining faintly, even when knitting stitches, the stitches are clearly visible and its texture is soft and warm. We recommend this yarn for any project.

Through this yarn, we’d be happy if the spirit and scent of the summer are transmitted to you.

Finnwool-Summer of Dyeingは、この夏フィンランド滞在中にフィンランド産100%のフィンウールを現地で採取した草花で染めた、一期一会の毛糸です。