Kupa Baby Yak Organic Cotton from mYak

Kupa Baby Yak Organic Cotton

from mYak
Light Fingering ?
127 yards
(116 meters)
25 grams
(0.88 ounces)
US 1 - 3 or 2.25 - 3.25mm
50% Other Animal - Yak
50% Cotton
Dye: Undyed
Put up: Winding required

Tibetans have the most precious natural animal fibers in the world but cotton has a touch of the exotic from them. It comes from distant warm countries with floral motifs and Tibetan women love them!

One thing Tibetans love very much is picnics! They have a real picnic cult, whether they are nomads or farmers, students, monks, nuns or important lamas, they spread their large floral cotton tablecloths on the grass filling them with all sort of delicacies and spend carefree days between a football match and a nap among the flowers.

Our Kupa, wants to evoke this festive atmosphere.
It’s the resualt of a blend between the best organic cotton and our soft baby yak.

Kupa is a fresh mid-season yarn, with an exceptional feeling to the touch, drapey and buttery soft, ideal for light tops, shawls and accessories.

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