Tibetan Cashmere Lace from mYak

Tibetan Cashmere Lace

from mYak
Lace ?
360 yards
(329 meters)
50 grams
(1.76 ounces)
US 1 - 3 or 2.25 - 3.25mm
100% Goat - Cashmere goat
Care: Dry Flat, Hand Wash Cold
Color: Solid color
Dye: Machine dyed
Put up: Winding required

Tibetan nomads’ fashion sense represents an original synthesis between tradition and modernity. The typical clothes with undyed fiber colors are decorated with bright splashes of colors that create surprising contrasts.

The Pop Colors collection, sold in 25
or 50 gram skeins, is a tribute to the rebel spirit of the Tibetans, which brings a different glow and a new and unexpected vitality to the cashmere, thanks to the taste of our designers who made a real connection with the authentic Tibetan spirit.

This yarn is sold in 25 and 50 gram skeins. Please adjust skein size and yardage on individual stash pages. It is the same base yarn.