Debauchery from Spincycle Yarns
Debauchery discontinued
Spincycle Yarns
Lace ?
500 yards
(457 meters)
100% Wool


  1. excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures; intemperance.
  2. (Archaic) seduction from duty, allegiance, or virtue.

Highborns and wretches alike, knitters of lacy delicates and knitters of unmentionable things, take note. We are very pleased to present our lace weight yarn, Debauchery. Dyed in the wool on Bluefaced Leicester - lovely, lustrous, drapey, and dripping in sin -this 2-ply yarn is designed to be pure pleasure as it slips through your fingers.

Spincycle Yarns is a two-woman operation established in 2004. Rachel and Kate produce luxurious yarns, hand-dyed and spun into small batches of perfection. The yarn in your hand is the product of our desire to merge the beauty and texture of a handspun yarn with a more efficiently produced millspun yarn. We collaborated with a nearby woman-owned fiber mill on Washington’s coast; this collaboration ensures that our yarn maintains the color artistry of our original handspun yarn. Because we dye the fiber before it’s spun, the color shifts are subtle, unexpected, sensual.


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