Super Toes Cashmere MCN from TreasureGoddess Yarn

Super Toes Cashmere MCN

from TreasureGoddess Yarn
Fingering (14 wpi) ?
600 yards
(549 meters)
150 grams
(5.29 ounces)
28.0 sts
= 4 inches
US 1 - 3 or 2.25 - 3.25mm
80% Wool - Merino
10% Goat - Cashmere goat
10% Manufactured Fibers - Nylon / Polyamide
Care: Superwash
Color: Semi-solid, Tonal
Dye: Hand dyed
Put up: Winding required

Heavenly blend of fiber in this super shawl sized skein! 150 gram skein has 600 yards of squishy, squooshy, soft and glorious yarn. Enough for a shawl or a really long pair of socks!

80% superwash merino wool
10% cashmere
10% nylon

This yarn has a high twist to help reduce pilling from the super soft cashmere fibers and give the yarn strength. It’s amazing!

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