yak lace from welthase

yak lace

from welthase
Lace ?
875 yards
(800 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
US 0 - 7 or 2 - 4.5mm
60% Wool - Merino
20% Silk
20% Other Animal - Yak
soft fluffy

And here comes the fantastic yak silk merino blend as the most beautiful lace yarn.
What the photos can´t show is the touch of the yarn: it is super soft, gentle, amazingly warm.
This is the beauty of nature.The semi solid natural warm golden grey of the undyed yarn gives a certain touch to all dyes.
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The texture is new, lovely, super soft but reliable with a beautiful sheen.
I´m sure this yak lace will not be just perfect for shawls but also for tops and shirts.

The blend contains 60% Merino 20% Silk and 20% Yak.

welthase yak,
60% wool, merino 20% silk 20% yak
100g-800m / 874yds
needle 2-4,5mm/ US 1-6

Hand wash cold. Let dry flat.