Sedum Lace from Ysolda

Sedum Lace

from Ysolda
Lace ?
656 yards
(600 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
US 2½ - 6 or 3 - 4mm
40% Wool - Merino
30% Silk
30% Cellulose - Linen / Flax
Care: Hand Wash
Color: Semi-solid, Tonal
Drafting method: Worsted spun
Dye: Hand dyed
Ply: 2-ply
Put up: Winding required
Milled: Peru
Dyed: Scotland

We had Sedum spun for our most recent Shawl Club but fell in love with it and decided to dye more in new colourways. Ysolda used Sedum to design the Inverleith pattern.

This yarn works well with a large range of gauges, from aggressively blocked lacework, to held double as in Inverleith. It’s available in four standard colourways and occasional special editions.

Our goal with the yarn was to create an airy spring and summer blend that was enjoyable to knit with. Looking to the fabrics used in expensive summer suiting we combined wool, silk, and linen into a lightly twisted 2-ply. The result is soft and elastic with beautiful drape.

Colour notes

Sedum is dyed in house at our Edinburgh studio by our resident dyer Sarah. Sedum combines plant fibres, the linen, with protein fibres, silk and wool. These fibres bond with different dyes so we we developed a two part process to create rich, layered colourways in which both the plant and protein fibres are fully dyed.

Campion is a vibrant, saturated pink that leans towards the cooler side.

Gorse is a sunshine yellow with just a little hint of mustard or ochre.

Ink is a moody navy with green undertones and a slightly heathered appearance.

Haar is a light, warm grey with green undertones that varies in hue dramatically in different light.

Limited edition Ysolda club yarn:
Colour Cauticola is 150g/skein 900m

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