Ravelry Goodies

Bring information from Ravelry into your newsreader, your phone, your blog, your desktop, and more...

Things For your Site

Project counter buttons

On the "projects" tab of any pattern page, you'll see a counter that shows the current number of projects for that pattern. If you are a designer and you'd like to add the button (which links to Ravelry) to your site, use the nearby "get HTML" link to grab the code.

Progress bars

We provide data and some simple Javascript tools that you can use to add progress bars, project photos, and more to your blog. Quick instructions can be found at http://www.ravelry.com/help/api. For help and more information, check out the "We <3 Progress Bars" group

Flash Widget

Raveler Sarahspins has used the progress bar API (above) to create a flash widget that you can insert into your blog or other site. More information at http://www.sarahspins.com/ravelry-flash


You can find a variety of images suitable for use on your site on the Homegrown Swag Page in the Ravelry wiki.

Browser Add-ons and Bookmarklets

Ravel It Bookmarklet

Firefox, Safari and Chrome users can add a bookmark to their toolbar that jumps to the Ravelry page that corresponds to whatever you are currently visiting. See a pattern that you like out on the web? Ravel it to quickly jump to it's entry in Ravelry. You can find this bookmarklet at the bottom of the Patterns tab.

Add to Queue Bookmarklet

Like Ravel It, but for your queue. See a pattern that you like out on the web? Queue it with this bookmarklet. You can find this tool in the queue section of your notebook.

Browser Pattern Search

Users of most web browsers can add Ravelry as a search engine

Firefox: Ravelry links on knit/crochet sites

This Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox shows a Ravelry project counter on about 140 different pattern sites. The counter will appear in the lower right and you can click it to jump directly to that pattern's page on Ravelry. Read more and install the script at userscripts.org.

RSS Feeds

Any page that shows an RSS icon in your browser's address bar provides a feed that is tailored for that page.
A few of the more useful feeds:

Friends activity

Subscribe to the RSS feed in the "friends activity" section of your notebook to keep up with friends' favorites, comments, new projects, and more. You can filter your feed by friend set and by activity type.

Project notebook

Click on the RSS icon in your project notebook to find feeds for all projects, finished objects and comments.

Pattern watching

Subscribe to the "projects" tab of any pattern to receive updates when new Finished Objects appear.

Forums and threads

You can subscribe to any forum (to get updates when new thread are started) or any thread (to get updates when new posts are added)

User activity

Subscribe on your own profile page to get RSS that can be placed on your blog, iGoogle home page, or other site. Subscribe to another person's feed to keep up with your friends or family.

Newswire feed

The Ravelry Newswire feed combines all Ravelry news from our blog, Site Announcements thread, Twitter account, Facebook page, Vimeo video page, and feature change log. You can subscribe to the newswire here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ravelry/newswire

Mobile Devices

Mobile Ravelry

We're working on a rich mobile site. We just got started but you're welcome to peek. http://m.ravelry.com


Find nearby yarn shops and see what types of yarns they carry by using http://yarnphone.com This site is optimized for iPhone but should work with many GPS capable phones.

GoodReader Support

iPhone/iPad users can connect to their Ravelry PDF library with any of the GoodReader PDF viewing apps. You can load PDFs directly from Ravelry without having to copy or sync them. Instructions are available here: http://www.ravelry.com/wiki/pages/GoodReader

Other devices

We don't have any apps planned for other devices. If you are a developer and you are interested in using the Ravelry API from your mobile app, check out the Ravelry API group. PS: Blackberry users - we recommend using the Bolt Browser with Ravelry.

Exporting your data

We don't have many exports at the moment. Here are a few:

Stash spreadsheet

You can save your stash data as a spreadsheet by clicking the small Excel icon in the stash section of your notebook.

Project progress API

You can export most of your project data in JSON format by using the link provided on the Project Progress API page: http://www.ravelry.com/help/api We don't yet know of any tools that have been created for project exporting.

Ravelry elsewhere


Follow Ravelry at http://twitter.com/ravelry. You can also follow our special @ravelrystatus account and update a status message on your profile page at any time by @replying or direct messaging ravelrystatus.


Our Facebook page is at http://www.facebook.com/ravelry. You can share your projects on Facebook by using the "share" button on any project page. Projects that are shared to the public appear with a thumbnail of your first photo when shared on Facebook.