Advertising on Ravelry

step 0 : First, you'll need a Ravelry account...

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step 1 : get a free advertiser account

Create an account by clicking on the "Create an advertiser account now" button. Once you have an account you will be able to see the available inventory and pricing.

Please review our Ravelry Ad Brochure. It contains descriptions of all the ad spots, pricing information, our image standards and guidelines, the answers to some FAQs, and our Ravelry Ad Calendar.

step 2 : reserve your ad space

Once you've created your Pro account, click the reserve ad space button in the advertising section to reserve the spot you want. Group ads and Buy This Yarn ads can be booked at any time, while the other ad spots are limited and can be reserved on the ad opening days listed in the Ad Calendar

step 3 : create your ads and submit them for approval

Fill in your ad's information, upload your ad image(s), and for your Group and Buy This Yarn ads, select the groups and yarns for your ad. Once everything is filled in, you'll be able to submit your ad for approval.

After you are running : track your ads

Information about your ad's clicks and impressions is updated hourly, allowing you to monitor your ad's performance at any time.

Need more help?

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