Ravelry’s Main Discussion Boards

These are the rules and expectations for the main boards. We gathered input from Ravelers and put these rules together in late 2009 in order to create a place where many thousands of people can participate.

These rules are meant to help make the boards enjoyable for as many people as possible. Your suggestions for improvements are definitely welcome.

These do not apply to groups Groups have their rules that they layer on top of the community guidelines.

The Main boards are:

  • For the Love of Ravelry
  • Techniques
  • Patterns
  • Yarn and Fiber
  • Needlework News & Events
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Loose Ends

The Moderators

The mods of the Main boards (babsnelson, feathersong, Jeannette, jinniver, KimDenise, kolson111322, Laurenlolly, soyloquesoy, sparkli, and Velvet) are all volunteers who moderate the boards and make these rules work. Without them, we would not be able to offer these large, inclusive forums where everyone on Ravelry can talk. They are not able to make changes to the rules, so if you have questions/concerns of that nature please email us.

The Rules

  • Moderator Announcements: Moderators may post announcements containing instructions/warnings about the direction of a thread. When posting announcements moderators may also dim existing posts that do not comply with the instructions to prevent replies. If you ignore mod announcements, your post or posts will be dimmed and you will be blocked from posting in the thread again. (Please see the very bottom of this post for an explanation of “dimming.”)

  • Community Guidelines: We take the Community Guidelines seriously. Please familiarize yourself with them. If you publish a post that violates the guidelines, your post will be deleted and you will be blocked from further posting in the thread. Note that “No personal attacks” and “No hate speech” in particular are often misinterpreted and misunderstood - do read the definions that are provided in the Guidelines.

  • Don’t be a Jerk (DBAJ): Don’t be a jerk. For example: a reply that reads “Get a life!” is clearly not a personal attack but it is a jerky post. Jerky posts will be dimmed and repeated bad behavior will result in being blocked from a thread.

  • Topics - no political or religious discussions: We are no longer hosting the following topics in the main boards: politics, religion. Threads that deal with these topics will be locked/archived. Please note that there are many groups on Ravelry that may be happy to host discussions on these topics.

  • Discussing moderator decisions: If a thread is locked and archived, it means the discussion is no longer being hosted on the main boards. You may not use the main six boards to discuss locked/archived threads. If you refer to a moderator decision related to a post in the thread where that post resides, your post will be removed and you will be blocked from the thread. This is extremely derailing behavior. Please use the contact us link if you have a comment regarding the moderation of a post or thread.

  • Three Strikes: If the moderators of the main boards or the Ravelry staff block you from 3 threads for any of the above reasons, you will be permanently banned from all Ravelry main boards.

Your hosts,
Moderators feathersong, janewhite451, jeannette, jinniver, laurenlolly, soyloquesoy, sparkli, and velvet
..and Casey, Jess, Mary-Heather, and Sarah

Definitions and Questions

What is “dimming”?

Posts that are dimmed will be faded out so that they are more difficult to read. Dimmed posts will also have their reply buttons hidden so that future posters are not tempted to reply. The above rules explain when this technique will be used.