Lena Skvagerson
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The essence of spring fills the fresh air. Cravings for color and projects designed to reflect the rising temperatures are knocking at my door. I’m just as eager for the longer days and renewed energy, as I’m excited and proud to present this Spring Spirit Collection. The collection features a full range of styles with an aesthetic that is casual and laid back perked up with artisanal details. The pieces are feminine and comfortable. Most important they are versatile and created to go from casual to chic on stylish women of any age. Please come join me in this celebration of my love for crochet and yarn…

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With the first cool breeze of fall easing down the golden coast, my crafty spirit is awakening. It’s time to snuggle up on the couch and start some new creations. A lifelong love of working in yarn makes me so excited to present this Autumn Glow Collection for Annie’s Signature Designs. You will see that my Scandinavian style shines through, as I apply my background and traditions in every detail of my designs. I proudly welcome you to come along on a journey through the back roads of my beloved California landscape, watching the rolling hills bathe in the golden glow and explore what has inspired me…

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With sand between my toes and the California sun warming my heart I am excited to present this new spring/summer collection. Every garment reflects my never-ending love for yarn and the needle arts. I’m fascinated with the details of the seashore, the shells, the rhythm of the tides, and the infinite pastel spectrum of the morning sky. The theme and color palette chosen for this collection captures some of these delicate tones. Please join me in a walk along the shore. Our footprints in the sand may wash away, but my passion woven into this Spring Breeze Collection will stay on-trend for years to come…

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Through my own experience and personal sense of style, I gather inspiration from all that I see around me. I intuitively know what will attract a wide audience of people with a variety of tastes and aesthetics. I can see how a collection of pieces fit into a woman’s wardrobe without being fussy or complicated, but rather clean and minimal. The designs I envision are timeless, just like my own sense of style.

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Sweet pattern created for Annie’s Signature Designs will add a gentle rustic touch to your Christmas celebrations.