Maple Wool Farm

I learned to crochet in college and just before graduation was two very serious hit-and-run accidents, not the best of luck. I lost the ability to crochet due to one of the many injuries. After years of staring at my stash, I taught myself to knit so that I could rejoin the world of fiber crafts. Before my injuries I’d been writing a pattern book of play food, a book before Tasty Crochet that would have had far better patterns too!

Now that I’m knitting, I’m always on the look out for new techniques to incorporate into my patterns. I love learning new things. I miss school and am slowly realizing I won’t likely heal enough to ever go on with my graduate school plans, so I’m throwing myself into my knitting in hopes of finding a career that makes me happy and pays the bills. I’m not eligible for disability since I was a student when injured. Due to that and our very screwed up car insurance system, I’m on my own financially. For now I’m a burden to my friends and family, but I dream about the day I can cover my own medical care and have my own home again.

Please support me in this and don’t email/copy patterns. Every stolen pattern is literally a meal out of my dog’s mouths and mine. Thank you!

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