Natalie Pelykh

Natalie Pelykh

I fell in love with knitting when I was 4 or 5 years old, watching my Mom’s knitting. I enjoyed sitting close to her and following stitches that were running from one needle to another. It was like a miracle for me! At that time my Mom showed me knit and purl stitches and I was really happy knitting scarves for my teddy bears and dolls! As a student, I was making lots of sweaters for me and my friends.

But the real passion for knitting came to me when I became a Mom. With the birth of my kids, knitting has become a major hobby, a real relaxation and a special world of discoveries and adventures for me. At the same time I had a desire to create my first own design. As for every Mom, my world for me are my kids - everything I do in my life, including knitting, is for them! They are my main inspiration in creating new designs.

My nickname - knitforsweet - was invented by my husband and the word “sweet” also means “world” in the Ukrainian language.

Therefore, I create my patterns not only for sweet kids, but for the whole world

Please join my group knitforsweet !

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