Deadly Knitshade: writer, traveller, unexpected designer, very unexpected entrepreneur, cancer vanquisher, knitter of things most odd and turner upside down of small unsuspecting dogs.

If you knit any of my patterns you can upload a picture of them to my website and release them into the wilds of Planet Whodunnknit.

I am the author of two knitting books:

Stitch London - a book of kooky little city knits about London
Knit the City - a graffiti knitting book featuring lovely images and two graffiti patterns

I’m the founder and slightly frazzled Chief Woolly Godzilla Wrangler of Stitch London, the UK’s largest stitching group which is slowly taking over the world one stitch at a time.

Am also a crafty artist who may or may not also be the infamous graffiti knitter of the same name at Whodunnknit and founder of Knit the City.

I tell myself I don’t actually follow patterns but end up contradicting myself by writing them.

I see a pair of knitting needles like a magic paint brush. If you’re not bringing things to life with your stitching then what on earth are you doing?

I cannot crochet. It is my curse.

Sales of all my patterns go towards keeping Stitch London and other knitting madness running. And cake.

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from Stitch London
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from Stitch London
from Stitch London
from Stitch London
from Stitch London
from Stitch London
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