Ravelry Shopping Carts

If you would like to use the "add to cart" and "show cart" links on your own site, you will need to reference the Ravelry Store Connector javascript on any pages that use the cart links. Note that this is not needed for the "buy now links"

Installing: simply add the following line to the <head> section of your pages. If you are using Wordpress or another content management system then adding to your normal page template should do the trick.

<script async src="https://js.ravelry.com/cart/2.0.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Creating links: Your store pages will have "add to cart" and "show cart" code that you can copy and paste. If you like, you can use images for your links instead of plain text.

Questions? Please come visit the Ravelry Shopkeepers group. Thanks!