104 Tiny Treasures by Patricia Kristoffersen

104 Tiny Treasures

January 2018
Crochet Cotton size 10
Thread ?
1.65 mm
1.75 mm
30 - 60 yards (27 - 55 m)
range from 3" to 9"

Thank you for stopping into my Ravelry Store!

This is the long awaited re-release of my 2001 out of print Crochet book: 99 Little Doilies.

The price is $16.95 making each pattern only .16¢ each!

The designs in this book are the same as those featured in 99 Little Doilies, PLUS five more designs for a total of 104 patterns. After the 99 Little Doilies went out of print, I received many requests to bring this book back. There is only one brand new design in this book. The other four are a few of my favorite designs from my out of print Coaster books.

The doilies range in size from approx 3” to approx 9” using size 10 cotton thread. They work up fast and are full of wonderful texture.

Crochet them in a ring to hang on a window, crochet them using tatting thread or yarn. Perfect little gifts for family, teachers, and friends!

Thank you :)

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