348. Knitted Shawl by Isabella Beeton

348. Knitted Shawl

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Please Note that this is a vintage pattern from the 1800’s and therefore not written in modern day terms.

Knitted Shawl.

Materials Shetland wool, white and scarlet; steel needles.

This shawl is knitted in the patterns given on Nos. 346 and 347. Both illustrations show the patterns worked in coarse wool, so as to be clearer. Begin the shawl, which is square, on one side, cast on a sufficient number of stitches (on our pattern 290); the needles must not be too fine, as the work should be loose and elastic.

Originally published in Beeton’s Book of Needlework (Ward, Lock and Tyler, 1870). Facsimile edition available on Project Gutenberg.