Akua's Crochet Leaf Collection by Akua Lezli Hope AkuaDesigns

Akua's Crochet Leaf Collection

This pattern is available from etsy.com for $5.00.

I love flowers and leaves. Following my crocheted flower patterns, I created on this crochet leaf collection. This collection includes Gingko, Oak and Maple leaves, as well as instructions on generic chain-based leaves, tiny leaves, and shaped leaves. There are three different gingko leaf patterns and three different maple leaf patterns. Variations on leaves and stem possibilities are also included.

Leaves make wonderful appliqués, patches and as standalone objects, they are great for coasters, table décor, or bookmarks. Leaves can be used to highlight
a gemstone, accompany a flower, or be used on a brooch, earrings or as a pin.

Gingko 1 p.3
Gingko 2 p.3
Gingko 3 p.3
Oak Leaf p.4
Maple Leaf 1 p.5
Maple Leaf 2 p.5
Maple Leaf 3 p.6
Chain-based Leaves p.7
Tiny Leaves p.7
Shaped Leaves p.9
Stem Variations p.11