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The Sweater I've Almost Made Twice

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July 8 2011
August 5 2011
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The Sweater I've Almost Made Twice
Inishturk Sweater & Tam (Sweater) by Lion Brand Yarn
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool
465 yards in stash
2.5 skeins = 1162.5 yards (1063.0 meters), 567 grams

July 9th
The most difficult part will be figuring out the increase row after the ribbing to determine how to match up the cables… will probably put in a life-line.

July 17th
The finished dimensions for this sweater as written for the size small is 40” which would be 9” of ease on me, so I’m knitting it to a gauge swatch of 3.5 inches for 16 stitches instead of 4 inches as written, (4” swatch = 18.25 st & 25 rows in moss stitch on size 8 needles) and I’m hoping to get a sweater that I don’t swim in when it’s finished. After blocking, I’m expecting to get about four inches of ease with the gauge I’m using.

I finally finished the back. Of course, had I been paying attention while making it and had not made so many mistakes, I probably could have finished the front by this time, too.

I ended up re-doing the increase and set up rows multiple times. I had to chart the sweater to figure out placement, but they line up pretty well with the main cables, I think.

I’ve posted the chart I made in Photoshop that shows my increases for the size small on the RS (the row in light pink) as well as the setup row on the WS (in light blue) and includes one full repeat of the pattern. The gray spaces are placeholders and the darker pink row is just my status indicator that I move up as I work on it.

I also kept making stupid mistakes and then seeing them after multiple rows had been completed. The worst one was after twenty rows!

July 26th
I finished the first sleeve and started the second last night. I modified the pattern to compensate for my smaller gauge to include one additional repeat on each side of the moss (double seed) stitch: four stitches added in total. CO=50 stitches; cast off=96 stitches.

With the additional four stitches (and knitting at my smaller gauge), the sleeves were were a better fit for me and the ribbing matched up perfectly with the cables.

I knitted the sleeves to a total of 121 rows - 19 1/2 inches total length, with 2” of that being 12 rows of ribbing on the smaller needles.

The sleeves are going much faster than the body and if all goes well, I expect to finish sometime this weekend! :)

I pinned the first sleeve in place with the front and the back and tried it on for size… the dimensions are perfect for my frame; I’m very happy with my modifications for fit!

A note about the Fishermen’s Wool yarn: There will probably be over a skein and a half leftover from the four that I bought on sale, so I’ll be looking for other smaller projects to use up the last of it. I’m kind of wishy-washy on this yarn and don’t think I’d buy it again, even at the bargain price I got of $7.50 per skein. It seems a little splitty and a little thin for a true worsted weight. I think it knits up best on size 6 or 7 needles… the 8’s are pushing it, but acceptable.

July 29th Just finished the second sleeve and in the process of blocking. It should be completed by sometime tomorrow.

In retrospect, I probably would have followed what I did on the sleeves and added a couple more rows of ribbing at the waistline so I could avoid having to make so many increases. I could have made the cables line up much better that way.

August 5th I’ve been finished with everything but weaving in the ends on this for four days now… I can’t seem to get the motivation to finish with our annual audit at work: grueling! But I’m sure I’ll finish tonight and post pictures.

I added an extra couple of inches to the collar to make it a short turtleneck. If I made this again, I wouldn’t make the collar so wide… it looks like it should be taken in a stitch or two on each side. At least it isn’t choking me like my last Lion Brand pattern, though!

The sleeves blocked a little on the long side, but I’m so used to turning up the bottom 2” of cuffs, so no big deal.

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July 8 2011
August 5 2011
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