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March 21 2009
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Square phase
Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang
queen size?
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
tiny sock remnants

3/30/15: Celebrating the 6 year anniversary of this project by picking it up and working a few more squares. They’re actually quite soothing, I can’t believe I didn’t try this earlier. I’m about 6 squares (and however many extra ends) from having all the ends woven in. I really am looking forward to blocking this. Neil has suggested it could be a finished stole much more quickly than a finished blanket. But I really want the blanket. And I always have more leftover sock yarn.

5/9/14: The weaving in ends plan is going well, I weave in all the ends directly below each square as I work it. So that’s 7 ends woven in for each square knit. I’m making progress!

Slight change in the initial plan. Because I’m adding garter stitch squares around the outside edge that’d mean making this thing 98” wide instead of 91”. Which is a LOT of extra squares. So I’m going to knit this blanket side-to-side making it 98” long. That means only 54 rows to make it 89” wide.
Fun fact: (28+30)/2 x 54 = 1566 squares
It sounds like I changed my plan, but I’m still knitting the exact same number of squares…

5/1: Current plan: Weave in a few extra ends for every square knit. When all the ends are woven block what I have and see if it makes me want to knit more quickly.
Fun fact: at 1566 squares total each square is just 0.06% of the project.

4/27/14: Displaying my MASTER PROCRASTINATION skills by passing an entire winter (aka year) without working on this thing. Believe it or not today I wove in, um, 5 or 6 ends! And knit three more squares…
ETA: If my initial guess of 60 rows is correct then at 10 rows I’m 16% of the way there!

12/15/12: if I pull this thing out and knit 3 squares each winter it really WILL take my entire life to finish.

Thoughts at this point: I was starting to think the stockinette squares would never block out. So I gave up on the thing for ages. But a little testing says they’ll be fine. I should’ve done that months ago.
I have decided to do a single layer of garter stitch squares at the outer edge to help keep things flat. I’m just going to pick up stitches along the bottom and side edges and work these squares outward.
I’ve also started holding the tail from the last square and working it in as I knit the foundation row of the next square. This should eliminate all the weaving in (except for ALL THE SQUARES) I knit prior to this decision.

1/7/11: EPIC hibernation, but I think I’ll start knitting squares in the evening…

10/16/10: I keep plugging along. Now I have 8 rows - 13.8% done!

9/28 after some hibernation I finished row 7. Now I’m 11.2% done…

6/30 AUGH! I’ve been counting my rows zig-zag and my squares point to point. This means I actually need almost 60 rows not 30. I’m not nearly as far in as I thought!

6/23: up to 6.5 rows, I should get a new photo…

Using US 2 needles for all weights of “fingering” and knitting the squares in stockinette. I’ll probably pickup stitches around the edge at the end and do a moss or garter stitch border.

Each square is between 3 and 3.25 inches across, so I’ll need 26 or 28 squares per row for a 91” wide blanket. So that means 58 rows to make the blanket 99” long.
(26+28)/2 x 58 = 1566 squares, I think…

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March 21 2009
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