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May 2 2010
July 31 2010
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Inishturk - Herbology OWL
Inishturk Sweater & Tam (Sweater) by Lion Brand Yarn
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool
60 yards in stash
3.5 skeins = 1627.5 yards (1488.2 meters), 794 grams
April 3, 2010

OMG must make this sweater. Knit on the round with steaks of course (steaking »»» seaming). For the sleeves: Knit them on the round, set aside, then pick up the appropriate st # around arm holes, and 3-needle BO it.

4/5/10 - I forgot to switch up the needle size after the ribbing *headdesk* 2.5” of lovely cabling frogged. At least it was only a sleeve…

6/5/10 - 8” on sleeve #1.

13/5/10 - 17” on sleeve #1.

23/5/10 - Sleeve #1 done! Kicking it into high gear to play catch-up (with both this and the Aeolian)

29/5/10 - Sleeve #2 done.

24/6/10 - Started Body.

25/6/10 - Almost 4” of body.

26/6/10 - 7” of body; started the cabling.

28/6/10 - 9.5” of body (darn, had hoped to get more done today)

29/6/10 - 11.5” of body (Really?! Half an inch short?!)

30/6/10 - For a second there, I thought I was going into that knitting black hole:

“You know the black hole of knitting? Every project has one, where you knit and knit but seemingly, nothing happens? You measure it and you’ve got 20cm, so then you knit for two hours and measure and miraculously you still have 20cm? Or that thing where you knit for ages and then go to sleep and then in the morning you would be willing to swear on a stack of cashmere that a team of co-ordinated chipmunks on a complex mission came in and ravelled your work in the dead of the night? (The chipmunks are of course controlled by an evil overlord. Chipmunks have brains the size of lentils and don’t do a lot of higher reasoning or function well in a team.)” ~The Yarn Harlot, 28 June 2010.

Yeah, that one. I thought I would be stuck at 11.5” forever, but at last I reached 12” (it took much longer than it should have to knit a measly half inch…)

29/7/10 - Have to attach one more sleeve, block, hem, and tack down steeks. RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

30/7/10 - B.L.O.C.K.I.N.G.

31/7/10 - DONE!!

20/8/10 - Undid a row, added a middle cable repeat, and grafted back together, because it was to short (pleae note that the sweater splitting, adding length, and grafting each too the same amount of time… XP)

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May 2 2010
July 31 2010
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100% Wool
465 yards / 227 grams
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