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Lemonade slippers
August 14 2014
August 16 2014
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Lemonade slippers
111-29 Rapunzel by DROPS design
Dancing in the Meadow
Needles & yarn
US 10½ - 6.5 mm
Garnstudio DROPS Big Delight
none left in stash
0.78 skeins = 170.8 yards (156.2 meters), 78 grams
Nordic Mart
May 29, 2014

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

I used part of this skein of yarn to finish my Allegria slippers, so I only had 78 grams left of this skein. I used up every bit of it, using a different yarn for the heel seam (graft).

I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough yarn to make these (and I didn’t until I made some changes). After 2 different patterns and a lot of knitting, ripping, and reknitting, I finally have a finished pair of slippers that are a perfect fit. The long story is on my blog post.

I really love how these came out. I like the thicker fabric that I got with the doubled ‘Big Delight’, and the colorway is very pretty. The slippers are really comfortable - I don’t want to take them off! These are now my most favorite slippers. Next time I order Drops yarn, I’ll get more Big Delight and make more.

Notes to self for length:

Worked 19 rows before starting garter stitch sides. Worked 14 garter stitch ridges (28 rows).


Thinner yarn, held double throughout, using a larger needle.

Cast on for the smallest size, but then increased to only 26 st instead of 28. With the larger gauge, this ended up as size medium.

To make a more rounded heel, I decreased 2 sts in the center of the row on each of the last 2 rows of the slipper as follows: On the RS row, over the center 4 sts: ssk, k2tog. On the WS row, over the center 4 sts: p2tog, p2tbl*

Grafted the heel stitches together instead of binding off and seaming.

For the toe seam, I ran the yarn through the cast-on loops of each stitch, and pulled the toe closed, then seamed up the top of the foot.

Next time I make them, I think I will start with Emily Ocker’s cast on at the toe, and work them in the round until the garter stitch section, then work flat and graft the heel.

* For p2tbl: If you just purl the stitches through the back loop without reorienting the stitches first, you will end up with a twisted stitch. The two stitches should be slipped knitwise and then returned to the RH needle before purling them together through the back loop. See instructions here.

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August 14 2014
August 16 2014
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