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Pretty in Pink
June 23 2017
July 1 2017
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Pretty in Pink
Seasonal dresses supplement, Christmas by Julie Williams
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Stylecraft Special Double Knit
0.16 skeins = 51.5 yards (47.1 meters), 16 grams
Wool Warehouse
June 2015
Stylecraft Special Double Knit
Stylecraft Special Double Knit

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Colours used are fondant (dark pink) and candyfloss (lighter pink).

Last year I bought a little cotton rabbit made with dk cotton at a summer show (stall called VIDA). It measures about 14 inches from the tip of the ears (stretched above its head) to the tip of the toes and 7 1/2 inches around the waist.

Cobbling this together to make a new dress.

Started with cable cast on followed by two rows of garter stitch then followed Julie’s pattern up to row 26.

This is how I made the rest of my dress.

R27 change to light pink, k2tog and repeat to end.

R28 P to end.

R29 change to dark pink, k to end.

R30 P6, cast off 4, P13, cast off 4, P6. (To clarify cast offs, P6 then start cast off with stitches 7 and 8 ie P1, P1, take first P1 over second one to complete first cast off. This bumps a stitch along after the cast off, then P13, so it looks like you have 14 stitches before you cast off at the other end.)

R31 K6, place marker, cast on 10, place marker, K13, place marker, cast on 10, place marker, K6.

R32 P to end.

R33 K to 2 stitches before marker, K2tog, ssk, K sleeve stitches to last 2, K2tog, ssk, K across middle of dress to last 2, k2tog, ssk, K sleeve stitches to last 2, k2tog, ssk, K to end.

R34 P to end.

R35 to 38 repeat rows 33 to 34 twice.

Cast off.

Sew up back seam leaving a sufficient gap at the top to put the dress on. Add a button at the top to fasten.

Fits my bunny perfectly :-)

Used this way to cast on in the middle of row 31:

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June 23 2017
July 1 2017
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