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Toot's TuTu Bag
June 1 2014
June 13 2014
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Toot's TuTu Bag
TuTu Cute by Carrie Carpenter
Hooks & yarn
6.0 mm (J)
Pink and White Tulle

My oldest is hardcore into ballet so I wanted to make this bag for her! I was surprised when I realized that it was made from tulle. It never occurred to me to crochet with tulle but it’s been very cool to work with.

I will note that, for some reason, I had to buy more tulle that what’s listed in the pattern. At least one more of each color. But pattern is easy to follow and hook up and the tulle, while cute colors, gives the bag a durable feel.

Almost finished but I have to go out and get more white tulle. D’oh! lol

6/13/2014 - Andddddddddddd done! Very easy and very cute pattern! Can be made much faster than what I did, lol. This bag is actually pretty roomy and the tulle has a bit of stretch to it.

Notes: I decided to string the handles from the bottom so that I wouldn’t have to tie them at the top and risk them coming untied. I couldn’t think of a way to hide the ends so I just made a bow. lol

But now that I’m looking at the diagram in the pattern, there’s an “X” of ribbon on the bottom SO the next time i make this, I’ll probably put the bow on the bottom so it’s hidden under the tutu…hmmmm…we’ll see. lol

Instead of doing one piece of tulle around the bottom for one row, I did two pieces of tulle in the stitches for two rows and cut it short to make the “tutu” part extra fluffy. :)

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June 1 2014
June 13 2014
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