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I am told 'Sabrina'
Christine Mirecki
Needles & yarn

Its a bit different from the original “Sabrina” pattern, but close enough to look quite like it.
Anyway it is so much fun - I found my project for the coming years :-)
Aim to reach 160cm - 180cm, depending on how long the yarn will last. I am told a 180cm stole weights 60g. This keeps my hopes up, since I have 80g. Now you get the idea how thin and delicate the whole thing is.
And I cannot believe I do this, but I have a very knowledgable and experienced teacher on my side.
Otherwise I would never dare…
After a while I was able to work on my own and can say now: Yes it is easy - because of its repeats. Boring for an expert (I guess) but an adventure for a beginner like me.
Ok, fair enough, I am bobbin lace making for a year now and know the basics. But still…I love it and am very thankful!

Per main colour we have around 20 bobbin pairs, which leads to many many bobbins (160!!!) on this small cushion.

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April 22 2016
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