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June 5 2009
August 19 2009
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Sock Yarn Blanket
Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang
whatever size I can get
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
1 skein = 1424.0 yards (1302.1 meters)

Making for Raider training for the BSGFPB!

Total so far: 178

6/5/09 Started. Made 7 pieces today. It goes by super fast, each one takes about 10-15 minutes. No idea how many I’ll need. I’ll hopefully finish solely with yarn donated by others, right now I’m working through Talea’s bag of yarn.
I’m a little worried about how to attach, well not how, but when. I want to wait until I have all the pieces because I want to evenly spread everything out, but on the other hand seaming as I go might save my sanity.
6/6/09 Decided to wait until it’s all finished to piece together. I’ll machine sew it to make it go by a little faster. I want to wait until I finish because I don’t want to have all of the same yarns in one section, thinking of mimicking the pattern the yarn creates on its own, kind of like a chevron.
6/11/09Finished 15 squares today.
7/15/09 106

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June 5 2009
August 19 2009
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  • Project created: June 5, 2009
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