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Dragon Scale Armor Shrug
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March 22 2018
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Dragon Scale Armor Shrug
Historia Collar with Sleeves by Cauliplower
Hooks & yarn
5.5 mm (I)
Red Heart Soft Solids & Heathers
1282 yards in stash
1 skein = 513.0 yards (469.1 meters), 283 grams
Michaels in British Columbia


I’m using the crocodile stitch method from Moogly (with ch1 to make a pointier scale) rather than the one linked to in the pattern.

I crochet tightly so had to chain 156+4 to get a starting length for the scale collar that looked comparable to the designer’s project photo.


I took this project with me while vacationing in New Zealand. While there I was able to finish the scale section and also the mesh collar!

For the collar, again because I crochet tightly, I had to chain 96 (24 groups of 4; 24 is divisible by 4) and I did 16 rows instead of 14. For the final row (row 15 in the instructions, the plain edge) I alternated 1 dc, ch 2, 1 sc, ch 2 instead. The dc is done in the “valley” of the previous row’s diamond while the sc is in the “peak”.

Stitch markers were really helpful for marking where the increases were intended to be done.

In the collar section I felt a few of the instructions could have been written clearer. For example, Step 2 says, “Row 1: Ch 5. Sl st in 4th ch from hook” but based on the picture I think it should actually have said something like, “Row 1: Ch 5. Skip three stitches in the starting chain and sl st in the 4th one”. Otherwise, the 4th chain from your hook is part of those initial five chains. Stitching into that chain is not what is desired.

I’ll probably block the collar a little, just to open up the mesh a bit more.


Finally starting the sleeves! Under Step 1 of the Front Panel, I chained 80 rather than 60, as I don’t like sleeves to be too tight around my armpit.

Also, I feel Step 2 is probably better written as something like, “Row 1: Ch 3. This counts as first dc. Ch 1, skip next stitch in the starting chain and dc in the stitch after that. (Ch 1. Skip next stitch. Dc in stitch after that.) Repeat ( ) 10 times. Put your arm through the loop. The row 1 stitches should span the distance from the top of your shoulder to your armpit. Add or remove stitches if you want the panel a little wider or narrower.” I repeated 13 times instead of 10, so that my row had a total of 15 dc in it.

For Step 3 I did a total of 23 rows to span the distance across my chest.


Continuing with the first sleeve and again I find myself thinking the pattern needs to be rewritten a bit. Based on the later picture about how to decrease on the sleeve, Step 3 under “Making the First Sleeve” should probably be written as “Rows 3-42: Ch 3. This counts as first dc. Ch 1. (Dc in next dc. Ch 1.) Repeat ( ) all the way around. When you reach where you started, sl st into the top of the first chain 3.”

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In progress
March 22 2018
work in progress
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