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I used odds and ends of yarn to make this scarf - hence the name.

For most of it I used two stands of yarn at once. It has a DK yarn, which is a lilac/white/green mixture running through most of it with oddments of various lilacs and greens added as the second strand.

Any yarn could be used but I think it works best with thick lightweight yarns. I do not like the effect of using thin yarns as it makes the tails rather stringy. A few of my tails have just one thickness of DK and it would need a lot of these if all the tails were made that way.

It is very easy to make and could be made by a complete beginner. You can make it as long as you want - or until the yarn runs out - and even add extra tails after it is finished.

I added my plain coloured tails after the rest was completed.

I also have a grey version. You can see it in Tail-ender which is a free pattern. I have worn it many times and love the feel of it. It is very tactile and is a simple way to dress up a plain sweater but, if you wear one of these, you have to be prepared for people touching it; the tails are very tempting, especially to children.

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September 11 2008
September 11 2008
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