Freeform Bird Blanket: Painting With Yarn
April 22, 2014
May 2, 2014

Freeform Bird Blanket: Painting With Yarn

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Freeform Crochet Blanket by Kirsti Hallamaa
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4-23: This ‘pattern’ is rather interesting, it doesn’t actually tell you what to do. It tells you what you ‘CAN’ do. I was annoyed at first…but after banging around at DD’s tumbling I was able to get my first bird done. After making him, I felt empowered and decided, so far, I am liking this ‘freeform’ thing a LOT. I think I might want more animals and TREES. Normally, if a pattern doesn’t actually tell you what to do I wouldn’t give it a decent star rating, BUT this one is written well enough that you CAN figure out what to do if you have a decent amount of crochet experience, and for THAT I am giving it 5 stars because it enabled me to make my first birdie. :)

I am going grand in my ‘vision.’ I envision a tree on either side…cloudy sky and a pond at the bottom…we shall see. :) I want to have birds that are from my road but keep a ‘folk art’ type feel…if that is possible, to make realistic birds that are not realistic?

Later that day: I finished my tree base. :) LOVE it so far. This freeform thing has far surpassed my wildest expectations. FUN!

4-24: I did start some parts which incorporate the change from cloud to sky and I am really loving how this thing is coming along. I think I am going to nix the pond idea in lieu of grass with flowers bugs and a squirrel. MUST HAVE A SQUIRREL. I am only incorporating animals that can be found on my road. :) One of my other passions (besides crochet) is photographing every living creature on our road and identifying it. So, this is the perfect project for me. :)

4-25: So far we have a cardinal, blue jay, rose breasted grosebeak, great horned owl, purple martin, and red bellied woodpecker…I plan on making a northern flicker next (last photo is the only Northern Flicker I was able to photograph-they are SO SHY).

4-27: I was able to fill in all the gaps I had which is HUGE but doesn’t seem like much progress…I was able to also get the Northern Flicker and robin done…I seriously considered NOT putting a robin in because they are starting to annoy me-I don’t get excited seeing them in the Spring like I used to because I know the little bastards are going to wake me up at like 3:30 in the morning every day and won’t listen to me when I tell them to STFU! BUT I put one in anyhow, because I do like to sing with them during the day. :)

4-28: Today I completed the cedar waxwing, eastern bluebird and monarch butterfly. I am going to be nearing the portion where I begin the flowers and maybe some more insects….Hubby wants me to do a turkey…still undecided on that one. I just think HE wants to be represented, and what better way than with a turkey! BAHAHAHA!
Later the same day: I also made a bumble bee and dragonfly and my very first flower. I made up my own rose pattern and I love it. I’ve not seen roses constructed this way either, so I may need to share that recipe with ya’ll. :)

4-29: I just made a raccoon holding a heart…any idea why? I love him, only problem is I didn’t anticipate a raccoon there when I made the flower so I’ll have to remove some of that blue yarn..I considered leaving it, but I hate it so I better take it out or I’ll be annoyed with it forever. Update: I fixed Mr. Raccoon and he is so cute peeking from behind the tree. THIS IS SO MUCH FUNNN!!!! I did some dandelions also. :) Squirrel is complete he just needs a trim off his tail (had to make it super bushy or I’d never had been able to tie the little pieces….Going to make some more roses at dd’s tumbling tonight. And, if I get crazy, a caterpillar too. :)

4-30: You know you are on to something if 16 (tomorrow) year old DS says, “I really like that mom!” :) I decided to go with a snake at the bottom as well, I thought he’d be fun peeking out of the grass….Reminds me of a song I always loved called Sneaky Snake by Tom T. Hall-google if if you haven’t heard it, it’s a wonderful tune! :) I also made a few more flowers and will begin my caterpillar. :)

Later that day:Caterpillar, ladybug and sunflower complete. :)
5-1: I finished the favorite of dd’s woodland creatures…the SKUNK! :) I haven’t shown her yet though for the final approval, but I do love his little pink nose. :) I think I’ve got the side as straight as I want it with a few little pop outs….I will leave the top and bottom jaggedy but do need to fill in a few more of the top sections or it won’t lay right. I am ALMOST DONE. (been saying that for days now)

5-2: Just have two little pieces to fill in on the top now and then weave in the ends and I will be done. :) So excited about this blanket. Now the tough question: what to do with it??? I had had an idea of someone to give it to, but I’m not sure yet. UUGH! Later that day: Only need to weave in the ends, and I’m done done done! :) In my best Braveheart voice: FREEDOMMMMM!!!!!!

12-27-14: UPDATE: The recipient, my step father, has received this blanket for Christmas. He loves it. My mom is really really mad at me for giving it to him and not her. DOH! They live pretty far away from me, and they’ve only been to my house once in many many years. But when they came, he was in LOVE with the birds of my road. He, like I, would sit out there for hours just watching and photographing the birds. If was was going to give this thing away, it had to be to him. She can suck it.

2-20-15: Update to update: Mom is still mad at me. If she hadn’t already sucked as a mother till this point in my life, I’d be really heartbroken. But….at this point….I’m kind of relieved that I don’t have to suffer from her weekly phone calls. I really didn’t think she was ‘really’ mad…only just teasing..I have, after all, made her an angel for on top of her tree, a hat (which she told me she hated) and countless other things throughout the years. Again, she can suck it.

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