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p l e a s i n g : p l a i t s
Cheadle by Marie Wallin
Needles & yarn
Rowan Cocoon
8 skeins
Dark Gray
#805 Mountain

1/22/12 ~ new photos to show off this beautiful sweater! Also, I folded over the very long cowl towards the inside and sewed it over the seam so the cowl wouldn’t be so droopy (annoying to me) as well as to hide that seam. Mucho better!

location ~ at the Gateway

I was inspired by Cheadle knitted by MenKnit2 and loving its highly textured nature. Cocoon is quite luxurious and adds such a feeling of quality to the sweater. It has a very interesting construction involving braiding that details both front and back. It was indeed this braid or plait that was the lure for me. The braiding does create gaps which I chose to tack minimally, here and there. This will be perfect for our current weather!

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December 2010
January 2011
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