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January 22 2010
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Project info
My first EVER pair of socks
Sock Recipe: A Good, Plain Sock by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
for a size 10 foot
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Supersock Select Solids & Semi Solids
none left in stash
1 skein = 420.0 yards (384.0 meters), 114 grams
A Good Yarn in Prescott, Arizona
January 4, 2010

I was originally going to use Malabrigo Sock, and I did, but after I had to frog the stupid thing 3 times I decided that my particular skein did not want to be a pair of socks.

Fine, fine, I give.

I’ve switched to Cherry Tree Hill for the socks, and the Malabrigo sock will become this.

January 24: I have the ribbing for the cuff done, and now I’m working on the stockinette portion of the leg. My gauge is just right, the sock looks like it might be the right size. This yarn is fantastic, definitely not cursed like the Malabrigo Sock.

February 7: I finished the leg and the heel flap and I’m ready to turn the heel. I’m pretty stoked.

Later that night: Heel turned. Stitches picked up. Ready to start decreasing all of those picked up stitches. (Turns out that when you get the gauge right, and the correct number of stitches, and learn how to pick up stitches properly; knitting socks is pretty great.)

February 8: I decreased the picked up stitches from the heel flap too quickly, so I had to rip back and start the decreases again. I was decreasing 2 sts. every row, and now I’m decreasing 2 sts every other row. It’s looking much better. I’m putting a whole lot of effort into these socks because they need to be perfect.

February 9: I decided to try them on the sock blockers just for kicks. THEY’RE ACTUALLY FOOT SHAPED! AND THE RIGHT SIZE! This thrills me to absolutely no end.

February 11: I am so, so close to being at the point where I start decreasing for the toe. Seriously, I have less than an inch to go. I’m thrilled.

February 13: I finished my sock! It’s a little too short because I got excited and didn’t make the heel flap or the foot long enough. It fits well enough, and that’s what counts. For my next sock (which will be made after I finish my Ravelympics project), I think I’ll make it toe-up just to see how that works. I’m excited.

June 23: I’m starting the second sock. I figure I might want to wear them sometime, which requires a pair. What a concept.

June 28: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand these have, again, been put on the back burner for another project. Sorry socks :(

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January 22 2010
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by Cherry Tree Hill Yarn
100% Merino
420 yards / 114 grams
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