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Moroccan Nights
January 6 2015
January 31 2015
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Moroccan Nights
Moroccan Nights by La Maison Rililie
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Recycled Yarn from a Goodwill Sweater
Fingering (14 wpi)

I LOVED knitting this sweater and am so pleased with the finished product. The textures are fabulous and the fit is A+. Very happy! Pictured with cuffs rolled up.

The last picture is of the original sweater from which I harvested the yarn. Details below and on my website:


Purchased from: Goodwill
Brand: Kimchi & Blue
Yarn: 70% acrylic & 30% wool // grey
Knit gauge: double strand - 12 stitches per 4 inches // bulky; single strand - 22 stitches per 4 inches // fingering

Project Notes

Jan 5 - Nearly halfway through the body. My main concern right now is that when I try it on the neckline rolls dramatically in the back thanks to the short rows in stockinette. Seen a line of crochet mentioned in other posts as a way of combatting issues around the neckline, though I’m not sure how effectively it might curb the roll. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Other than that, the knitting is smooth going! I’m finding the instructions to be very accurate but not super duper clear as I sometimes have to guess a little at their meaning. Still, after the leap of faith my first guess is usually right. This happened when I split for the sleeves: I put all the stitches between the sleeve markers on waste yarn, then thought maybe that was wrong and that only the purls and cables were for the sleeves. But I kept on going anyway and my stitch count turned out correct so yay!

Jan 14 - Made it to the “Closing of Curved D-Moss Section” this evening. I decided to end the body increase rounds early so that the bottom line of the d-moss section would be a little wider. Ended after I’d reached 30 stitches before the 3 purls (rather than the full 35). When I started the first “Closing Knit Line” I added the final four increases for a total of 204 stitches (xs).

Jan 21 - Almost done with sleeve #1. I’m using a size 4 needle so that the sleeves will fit close to the skin and not stretch out too much. Now I kind of wish I’d done the body with a size 5 needle since it’s pretty roomy, especially at the bottom. But that would be a lot of work since the body is complete! I think I’ll pull out the ribbing at the end though and either do it again with a smaller needle (size 4) or do stockinette to the end, bind-off, and add a rolled hem a la James. Undecided about whether I’m going to do the fancy cuff at the end of the sleeve or something different. I like the fancy cuff in theory but I’m not sure how good it will look on me.

Jan 22 - Sleeve 1 is done and done! I decreased once just below the elbow and once again right before the cuff. I decreased again after 4 or 5 rounds into the d-moss too and like how it’s straighter and less belled out.

Jan 28 - Sleeve 2 is done! Now to add a line of crochet to the neck.

Jan 29 - Done and done! Now to block this baby! The line of crochet worked out super well along the neckline. I did it on the RS right under the cast on edge so that the top rolls lightly over the crochet. I used a very small hook.

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January 6 2015
January 31 2015
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