Colorful brim Rejuvenation
May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016

Colorful brim Rejuvenation

Project info
Rejuvenation by Lee Meredith
pattern sample, and me!
fit to my head
Needles & yarn
US 11 - 8.0 mm
2.75 stitches = 1 inch
in stockinette

The body is in a recycled wool/cashmere blend around sport/DK weight, triple stranded for a bulky weight yarn. The brim is in short lengths of multi-colored yarns from a recycled colorwork sweater, in 2-row stripes, colors switching at every WS row beginning.

Approx 60 yards / 55 meters of the bulky yarn was used, for the body. The brim probably used about 15-20 yards. The height is 8 inches (with the brim folded up).

For if you’ll be making the brim in a different color from the body, the pattern says to work a round in the new brim color first before starting the brim. Unless you’ll be wearing the hat with the brim down mostly, then it looks better to not do this. I experimented with this hat, working half of the round in a color to match the brim (blue) and leaving half without a new color. So you can see in some of the photos: to the right of the slit, the blue was worked, making it look better when the brim is folded up, but worse when the brim is down (I think).

With this bulky weight, I measured my gauge in the crown at 3 sts/inch, but the finished hat gauge in the body ended up being around 2.6-2.75 sts/inch depending on where in the hat I measure it. I subtracted 4 inches for the hat circumference (as the pattern recommends), using 52 stitches for my stitch count, which was rounded down from 54 since I felt like my gauge might loosen up in the body a little; it ended up being around 2-3 inches of negative ease in the finished hat, for a looser fit.

I think, especially with a yarn this bulky on the large needles, I tend to knit more tightly in the crown, when I’m working the increase pattern, and then I loosen up in the body when I’m just going around and around. So when I measured the gauge in the crown I could have stretched the stitches out a bit to be more accurate…

Or of course, the way to get a perfectly accurate gauge is to knit a gauge swatch separately, but the hat ended up being totally fine, even with the false gauge measurement; I think this hat is flexible enough that even if your crown gauge measurement is off, you’ll still get a fine hat, like I did with this one! (Also, I think with a more normal yarn weight it’s easier to get a decently accurate gauge measurement in the crown.)

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May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016
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