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February 17 2017
May 28 2017
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※ Grímnir ※
222R-4 Shawl with Hood by Rauma Designs
pilgrimage to norway
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
2,364 yards = 6 skeins
Snaeldan Nappað tógv 2tr (2-ply)
2 skeins = 788.0 yards (720.5 meters), 200 grams
2 4247
The Island Wool Company
Snaeldan Nappað tógv 2tr (2-ply)
4 skeins = 1576.0 yards (1441.1 meters), 400 grams
9 6021
The Island Wool Company
                    (222R - 4)

…one snowy january day in NYC… at Vogue Knitting Live, Dr. Carol Christiansen, Shetland Museum curator and i were enjoying the Norwegian booth of The Yarn Guys. Carol was leafing through the individual patterns, while i had found my treasures and was on my way to pay and leave. She called out to me ‘Look’. and in her hands was 222R-4. i think the room began to spin and fairies flew, as she held up the pattern. destiny! my heart beat fast and really has never been the same since. thank you dr. christiansen!

naively, looking over the one page pattern briefly and thought, no problem, ‘piece of cake’ (raverly).

first problem…how to describe? never (like i did) assume. each line of this pattern read like this: run a marathon. run it back. the wording may have been short, but the content was much more.

so… wool ordered. i’d worked with Island Wool before and loved the rustic nature of it and the heathery colors and then there is Faroe, Vikings, Islands far north…

The Beginning
february 17th - cast on. near 700 stitches.

february 24th - one week later, and almost 3 inches into it, realizing something wasn’t quite right.

february 24th - evening, off the needles. every stitch.

february 26th - an entire day spent untangling and separating.
begin again, attempt #2

march 2 - all is well, National Geographic came in the mail with a Viking issue! reading and knitting…

march 6 - day 9. have begun decreasing. numbers becoming more manageable.

march 9 - off the needles again. from my instagram notes: day 13. run aground. again. the thing of it is a.) the chart b.) staying in pattern c.) staying in pattern while decreasing d.) with a chart that does not reflect this
e.) all the while trying to achieve symmetry at strategic points (plus massive amount of stitches)
sympathizers say abandon ship. or at least put it aside in the naughty chair.

this i cannot do.

march 10th - begin #3

march 18 - quietly moving forward (all fingers crossed). i emailed for help and was kindly given some advice. (will share tips at the end). found a vintage book on the Hutigruten, the ship we will sail on the north coast (above the arctic circle) this november!

march 23 - it’s growing shorter, row by row. it’s not perfect, but it’s as perfect as i can do. (will explain in tips at the end).

april 8 - we are camping and knitting and almost to the final rows of the shawl.

april 13 - each row is steadily quickly decreasing and excitement is mounting. reading Norse Mythology and making plans for our Norwegian journey (connecting with relatives in northern Norway!)

april 21 - the main part of the shawl has been completed (no steek yet). and the hood was cast on. this time nearly 200 stitches on the needles and moving along with confidence. (monkey covering eyes emoji). one evening after much deciphering i finished the hood. sat with it for a moment, decided it was all wrong and unraveled the entire thing. a weeks knitting.

(ooomm. stay calm.and note to self, wait till the following morning before unraveling)

i found the email to The Yarn Guys. and wrote, PLEASE HELP. (i’d reached out here on raverly, to no avail).

and this time was answered. and unbelievably found out, the hood was right. it was not for naught however, the kind Yarn Guy was very helpful, even attempting to rewrite portions of the pattern at my sincere request. “i don’t know how i can explain it better” (him) “please could you try?” “thank you!” (me).

april 26th - #2nd hood attempt (5 times this entire project has been on and off the needles). it’s going well now. trusting in the advice i’ve been given. it will all make sense at one point. (hope hope!)

april 28 - knit knit knit. getting excited.

may 8th - hood is near complete. looking at braid for the miles of steek.

may 12th - steek is cut on both the shawl and the hood. over 6 feet!

may 13th - i printed out the emails received from Yarn Guy, i think (i hope) i can do this but the hood situation is monkey covering eyes emoji still. i do my best. there are darts and bits to line up and it is all simple and yet not. still trying to get it right enough. i think the new advice is so helpful and true, and what to do does become more clear…

may 23 - steek is finished, hood attached, darts sewn and crochet trim has begun. first, i started a simple triangle shawl (crochet) to practice. and now here i go, miles of crochet along the entire edge of the shawl and hood.

may 24 - i found a shop in Minnesota (my great grandparents immigrated there from Norway!) this shop has the trim i need (back ordered though) and a pewter clasp. yippe!

may 27 - somewhere between the 24th and today, i finished. it was kind of a blur and in a way i kept expecting the cape to say something to me, “there is still one more thing i need”. Grímnir received her bath and was gently blocked. all the while i kept checking on her, is there something i need to do still? are you really done?! while she dried i sewed a patch with her new name.

This design was called 222R-4…I renamed her after Odin (Old Norse Óðinn) the chief god of Norse Mythology who was referred to by more than 200 names in the Skaldic and Eddic traditions…Grímnir ~ the hooded one.

Researching Old Norse and Viking symbols and lettering, i embroidered a tag with her new name and a boat. the small vessel has two meanings, the first is to honor a book from northern Norway about our family, a photo of a boat at sea is on the cover… and its for the ship my sister and i will sail on (in November) over 2500 ocean miles along the coast of Norway.

may 29, 2017 - woke to fog, just what i’d hoped for photos. (still needed is the trim for the steek and front photos, but for now, it’s done).

dear friend amy braided my hair a la Lagertha (Vikings) and my Ragnar came down from the mountain to aid in Norwegian cape photo taking. I love her so much and will forever more.

 ※ Tips ※
  • for the center decreases, start the stitch after the center st at the same st you finished the first half on, then read the chart backwards to the end of the round. essentially reversing the pattern around the center st.

  • if you buy the pattern and need help with the hood i’d be happy to share what i learned. since it’s a paid for pattern i don’t know how much is okay to share here.

  • but i think i can say it is fine to start the pattern (hood) at the beginning of the chart. it is possible to begin anywhere, since it is a full repeat + 1, and there are no decrease (as in the shawl) all the way up.

  • where the pattern met at the decreases and sometimes did not align, i knit in mc only and did duplicate stitch later.

  • it’s far from perfect, but it’s the best i could do. and i do love it so. and she is so worth the green difficulty rating bar almost all the way to the right.

    tusen takk! 
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February 17 2017
May 28 2017
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