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Olive Larch
January 24 2014
May 15 2014
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Olive Larch
Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca
364 yards in stash
6 skeins = 1091.9 yards (998.4 meters), 300 grams
Kalidou in Quarante, Languedoc-Roussillon
December 2013

I really love the design of this cardigan! I would have loved her simple pattern writing if there were not so many errors I pointed out below… Dommage!
I prepared 8 balls (1336 m) of Drops Alpaca as the pattern says 1320 m for my size. I have 2 entire balls left!

This pattern is deceptively simple and requires patience and your own judgement, I do not recommend it to beginner knitters.

The color is very difficult to capture: the picture of the balls is the closest one.

May 11: Front band and collar BO done. Used “elastic BO” (twisting sts) on collar part.

May 8: I’m in the final stretch; I’m working the front band. I found another minor error: with RS facing, you have to pick up and knit along RIGHT front edge first!

Apr. 29: Sleeves set in! Modified SLEEVE CAP decreasing. Decreases worked as described in pattern produced an ugly prominent line at the 3rd st from both ends - is it an intended effect? I’m no longer sure about it after all these errors. I reversed the decreases (k2, k2tog … ssk, k2), which gives you a less prominent line at the 2nd st from both ends, once sleeves set in.

Apr. 5: 2 sleeves done, but they don’t have the same circumference at upper arm because of my gauge problem… (one with metal circular needle and magic loop ended up with a much tighter gauge than another worked with wooden DPNs…)
Began also COLLAR, the instructions are not clear and I didn’t see that there was an errata for the beg of the collar! I’m going to redo it picking up 4 sts per 5 rows. Another error: at the end of WS rows, you have to pick up and purl!

Mar. 23: For CUFF, CO 3 extra sts, beginning the first row with p2. 2 sts decreased at the beg and the end of BO row. Then picked up sts joining in the rnd. I figured out at this point that that’s perhaps what the directions wanted to say, but it’s not clear! (They say join in the rnd after picking up sts…)
Third extra st decreased at the beg of the first row (k2tog the last and the first st of rnd).

Mar. 22: Finished body and CO a sleeve but not satisfied with the cuff worked as directed. Trying to find a better way…

Mar. 20: Began “Shape Neck” section on page 2. An error in pattern: work 5 rows even (instead of 4) after the first neck edge dec, as you continue to dec every 6 rows…

Mar. 1st:Sailing on the ocean of stockinette stitch…
Croisière de l’océan du jersey…

Jan. 26: CO a few days ago but I’m still in ribbing of the hem. The beginning is a real torture.
Projet commencé il y a quelque jours, mais je reste encore aux côtes. Le début est une vrai supplice!

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January 24 2014
May 15 2014
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