Woman's Weekly Knit and Crochet Jumper (1921)
December 20, 2010
March 22, 2012

Woman's Weekly Knit and Crochet Jumper (1921)

Project info
Have You Made a Jumper Yet? by Susan Crawford
Needles & yarn
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
10 skeins = 1920.0 yards (1755.6 meters), 500 grams
Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Two very similar jumpers from the 1920’s appear in “A Stitch in Time”, both with similar panel inserts of crochet. I had a hard time deciding between the two, until I realized that overall the one titled “Still Another Jumper!” has a shape and collar I prefer, and the primary feature calling me to the second is the moss stitch (I love the look and drape of moss stitch.) So I’m going to make “Still Another Jumper!” (Called “Have You Made a Jumper Yet?” in the updated version) with moss stitch: the best of both worlds.

-This is about 1/2 knitting and 1/2 crochet. There’s no option to specify that on the project page, but it’s fun, because I can switch back and forth depending on my mood and still be making progress on the same item. 3 mm crochet hook.

-The Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool knits up to a beautiful drapey fabric in moss stitch, with a delightful feel. On the needles, though, it feels hard, like cotton, so with that, combined with the small needles and the extra movements of moss stitch, this goes very slowly and will take me a long time. I guess women in the 1920’s had a long time to commit to their fashion projects.

-One interesting part of this process is comparing the fabric made from a knitted yarn with the same yarn, in crochet. Even in moss stitch (a relatively flat, stiff fabric) the contrast between the lush springiness of knitting with the stiff, flat lacework crochet creates is really interesting. I’m going to block all the parts separately before joining because I suspect seaming the two together without blocking will create havoc, all kinds of stretching and bunching along the seams.

-My crochet gauge is all over the place. I have three panels, so far, and all of them are different sizes. I found a “comfort” type crochet hook that I think will help with my consistency in holding the hook. I’ve also been watching YouTube videos on different ways to tension the yarn (for the moss stitch body) for more efficient and quicker knitting, so this project is turning out to be a good way to relearn and reshape my knitting style.

-1/16/11: progress update: after almost a month, I’ve got the main body just over halfway done (just past the neck, now working down the other side.) I also have the crochet band for the waist a little over halfway done. For that, I’m just doing one long strip, instead of two that need seamed together. Also, most (probably) of one sleeve crochet band, and about 1/2 of the collar crocheting done. Basically, all the puzzling and learning parts, I’ve got down, and now it’s just “Repeat this and keep going!” from here on out. Which could still be a long time. There’s a lot of stitches going on, here!

2/28/11: Moving along slower as other projects vie for my attention. The crochet is all done but for one sleeve, and I’m on the third (of 3) skeins for the body.

9/2011: still moving…slowly, now and then. I realized I’m unhappy with the way I picked up stitches for the sleeve. There’s a slight ripple, and I’m worried it may not block out. I’ll have to rip back, and start that part again. I know sometimes when I’ve messed up on a project, I have an “in denial” stage, but it slows down progress on the whole project. That’s what’s happened to this. If I fix my mistake, I can get back on track.

3/2012: Well, after much knitting, and much crocheting, this thing is all laid out and blocking on my guest room floor. I can’t wait to see how it looks, when it’s all come together. It’s been a very long process!

3/22: At last. I have finished.
I like it. It looks decidedly vintage, and actually quite like the original, vintage “Still Another Jumper!” illustration. I love the texture of the moss stitch, and I love how the lace pattern, even though it is really kind of square and blocky, looks feminine and old-fashioned.

One thing that is a bit odd is that it is completely the same, front and back. I put the seam of my collar and waistband on side edges (shoulder, hip), so it turns out that I can put this sweater on backwards and it doesn’t make a difference: there’s really no front or back.

When I constructed the pieces, I discovered the yarn tore very easily when stitching, so for many of the seams I crocheted the two pieces together. I particularly like the way this came out around the collar, because it makes it sit perfectly flat and smooth and has a pretty, finished seam as well.

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December 20, 2010
March 22, 2012
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