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wk 2 granny...hexagon version collar
January 6 2013
January 10 2013
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wk 2 granny...hexagon version collar
Wk 2 Granny 2013 Hexagon version by Sue Pinner
Hooks & yarn
James C. Brett Passion
RKM Wools in Shrewsbury, Shropshire
January 2013

Using my granny squre a wk for 2013 wk 2 hexagon vesrion I am making a shawl/collar at the moment but it might turn into a complete jacket…see how it goes.

The yarn is beautiful to work with and it takes me about 10minutes to do a motif

USA Terms

Chain 4, sl st into circle
Round 1: 12 dc into circle, sl st, to complete round

Round 2: chain 4, as first spoke and space, dc in next st, ch 2, repeat to complete 12 spokes.

Round 3: 2sc in next st, sl st, into next space, ch2, 4dc, ch2 sl st, into same st, 2sc in next chain space, repeat until you have completed round sl st, into first sc. (6 ‘petals wih spaces)

Using join as you go and a 5mm hook for this project

Orange Flower:
just do the ‘petal’ in every ch2 space.

Still like the collar but it did grow into a cropped top…like it as it is but making a second one in cotton and I will make a different length see if I like it longer or keep it cropped.
Started a second and third version one in 100% cotton and a plain beige colour in Bamboo/Cotton….this one has a different centre a picture sheet for how in pictures

Update Feb 4 2013
Almost finished the lace drop shoulder top, same back as front and 14 motifs to the body round, couple of rows to do…ready for my holiday in a couple of weeks time.

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January 6 2013
January 10 2013
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by James C. Brett
70% Acrylic, 30% Wool
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