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Forest Stories I - Tiny Blueberry Deer
Forest Stories I - (Rein)deer by Sonea Delvon
height: 13cm, length: 11cm
Hooks & yarn
1.5 mm
Melanie Wolle Sport & Strumpfwolle Color

Guess what! I found a tiny blueberry deer in the forest. It lost its family and then got lost in the forest. It looked everywhere for a sign of its family, walked for a long time through the snow, crossed huge rivers, climbed on trees and on trunks for a better view. It didn’t find anything. When I found it, it was nearly frozen and so hungry. I put it into my warm pocket and now I care for it, I feed it and it has a warm and cozy home. So if you find another tiny deer somewhere, please tell me. Blueberry would love to see pictures of his lost family:-)
And here is the little fawn.
(And the pattern for the baby will follow soon, too. It should have been a reindeer, but I was lazy and prefered embroidering spots than crocheting antlers:-P)

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December 11 2012
December 13 2012
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by Melanie Wolle
75% Wool, 25% Acrylic
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  • Project created: December 13, 2012
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