Bethany Evans

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Bracelet
This pattern is great for all ages and can be knit in just a few hours! The way the bracelet is designed allows the beads to be the focus of the pattern and makes it an easy knit for beginners and advanced knitters! You can use any combination of colors for the beads or the twine! Have fun!!
Knitting: Vest
This baby vest is perfect for the spring, fall, or a cool night in the summer! The cable detail on the front and back and the wave motif will evoke thoughts of the ocean everywhere your baby goes!!
Knitting: Mittens
These mittens will have you thinking spring even on the coldest days of winter!!
Knitting: Animal Toy
This monkey is perfect for anyone who’s a little bit bananas!! She knits up very quickly and can be knit in any color combinations you want!!
Knitting: Softies - Other
This ninja is very cute and takes almost no time to knit! This is very easy and can be knit up in a few hours! It’s knit in the round on 3 DPNs and is perfect for all ages :)
Knitting: Doll
This quirky guy is a wonderful addition to anyone’s room, office, or anywhere else you want him to live! His moustache is super groovy and you can give him any style ‘stache you want! He’s really quick to knit he will love you forever!!