Birch Hollow Cottage

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Mittens
Knit in the round, these silly sock monkeys will keep your fingers toasty and a smile on your face all winter long! This pattern is one size and fits most adult hands, lengthening instructions are included.
Knitting: Cowl
The Zahra Cowl is a reversible, single loop cowl that features a
Knitting: Mittens
Frog and Toad are, of course, the best of friends. You can’t have one without the other. And they do love adventures, Frog and Toad, so these little mittens are just the thing to take on your winter outings.
Knitting: Hot Water Bottle
Winter is here and Wooly the Sheep is ready to keep your feet toasty warm! Knit in a 5 stitch garter bobble, Wooly has a “more hot” garter side and a “less hot” bobble side and is seriously cute in the bargain!
Knitting: Doll
Meet Lucinda.
Knitting: Mittens
Occasionally, if one looks very, very closely into the woods around the cottage, you might see the merest tremor in the underbrush, or a flash of brown dashing between the trees. A rabbit! Small and brown, soft and shy, whiskers twitching. And then, quick as can be, away it hops, home to it’s cozy den.. These soft bunnies will keep wee fingers ...
Knitting: Beret, Tam
Long ago, before we lived in the cottage in the woods, our home was an emerald isle across the sea. We were city mice then but on occasion we would escape up into the green and grey of the Wicklow
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Thick and cozy, the Snow Drifts Winter Wrap is a shawl to snuggle down with. The curved edges allow the wrap to be worn with either edge as up and create a softly bowing drape, keeping the shawl on your shoulders. Knit this wrap in your squishiest, softest, most favorite wool for a true winter treat.
Knitting: Mittens
From the back they might just seem like stripy mittens, but peek at your palms and you’ll find two little gnomes looking back at you! Available in four sizes, these gnomes will keep everyone in your family warm and entertained.
Knitting: Mittens
There is nothing quite so warm as a kitty curled up on your lap on a chilly winter evening. With three sizes and a fold back flap option available in youth small and large, these kitty mittens will keep little fingers just as toasty warm all winter long. A Woodland Mittens pattern from Birch Hollow Cottage
Knitting: Pixie Hat
This super fast knit will keep your little pixie ears toasty warm this winter. Worked in super bulky, this looks equally fabulous in both thick thin and solid yarns and knits up in about two hours. Perfect for a last minute gift or a quick evening project!
Knitting: Mittens
Perfect for your handspun worsted or that skein of squishy, undyed wool, these Wee Little Sheep have a wooly texture on their backs and knit up quickly to keep little fingers toasty warm. Mix and match with the rest of the Woodland Mittens patterns for a perfect mitten pairing Fox and sheep perhaps? Oh dear!
Knitting: Mittens
From the windows of the cottage you can see only a sea of white in the winter. But there is also color. Flits of brown as the birds and squirrels and rabbits streak by. A clutch of red berries on the black, bare branches. Deep green from the waving pines. And occasionally there is orange. A fox! Padding on soft feet through the trees.
Knitting: Mittens
These textured Hedgehog Mittens will keep little fingers warm all winter long and provide plenty of fun in the bargain. Part of the Woodland Mittens Collection, The Hedgehog Mittens can be mixed and matched with other mittens in the collection for a woodsy fun combination.
Knitting: Mittens
Sweet and soft, these quick to knit Mouse Mittens will keep little fingers warm all winter long. Part of the Woodland Mittens Collection, The Little Mouse Mittens can be mixed and matched with other mittens in the collection for a woodsy fun combination.
Knitting: Mittens
Feisty and Fun, these quick to knit raccoon mittens will keep little fingers warm all winter long. Part of the Woodland Mittens Collection, The Raccoon Mittens can be mixed and matched with other mittens in the collection for a woodsy fun combination.
Knitting: Doll Clothes
In the shade of the birch and beech, even a spring day can be a chilly endeavor, and a cozy hat is a welcome companion for a long walk through the trees. Eleanor’s little gnome hat perfectly suits her, and keeps her toast warm as well. A quick and easy knit, your littles will love dressing Eleanor up in this sweet wee hat.
Knitting: Doll Clothes
Mary Jane Slippers are a must for any little girl, and your Eleanor is no exception. Quick to knit up these can be made with or without buttons for buckles.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Skipping Waves is a light, drapy summer shawl best knit up in linen or silk. Perfect to slip over your shoulders after a day at the week, it’s a quick knit that incorporates a series of dropped stitch stripes to keep the knitting interesting without being fussy. The perfect beach knit.
Knitting: Doll Clothes
Tall and sturdy, these walking boots are a perfect fit for your Eleanor or similar Waldorf style dolly. Laces are optional, you could also decorate with buttons, bows or whatever your little Eleanor chooses
Knitting: Bag - Other
Fairy House in the Woods is a felted bag with zip and button closure options and two sizes- perfect for markers, pencils, double pointed needles or special treasures.
Knitting: Scarf
Light and airy, this dropped stitch infinity scarf is perfect for cool spring or fall evenings. When knit with a self striping yarn the stripes create a gentle wave effect through the scarf, just like the ripples on a lake.
Knitting: Pet Toys
Mouse in the House! is a soft, felted toy for you or your little kitty friends! Filled with catnip it’s an irresistible play thing for kitties but a stuffing only version would be very much at home in a dollhouse or perched on your shelf, keeping a sweet eye on you. Mouse would make a great companion for your knitting basket too, a great way to...
Knitting: Doll, Doll Clothes
Eleanor is a soft, felted Waldorf inspired doll, constructed top up from the hips with seamless construction and raglan decreases. Perfect for your little one (or you!) The legs are constructed top down with short rows to create the feet. Total yardage listed is for the body only, you’ll need additional yarn for the hair. The amount needed for ...