Ivana Jackova

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Crochet: Shawl / Wrap
This pattern includes instructions for two shawls. Both of them are crocheted with bobble stitches. The first shawl is made as cowl. The second shawl is crocheted as triangle, all three sides grow evenly – you can decide how big will be your shawl during crocheting.
Crochet: Cape
Amazing cape matches with Amazing hat and Amazing shawl
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
Sring slouchy hat is suitable for spring or cooler summer days thanks to airy pattern and cotton yarn. It protects the head from cold and wind.
Crochet: Shawl / Wrap, Beanie, Toque
Crochet messy bun hat and practical shawl, which can be easily stretched to the neck.
Crochet: Earwarmers
When you need to warm your ears ;)
Crochet: Cowl, Beanie, Toque
Ponytail hat and cowl set - it is trendy and practical for your hairstyle.
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
This pattern includes instructions for 11 sizes from 1 year to woman XL.
Crochet: Headband
Pattern is written for 5 sizes from baby to adult. It includes instructions for flower too.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
Pattern is written for child size, but it is easy adjustable for any size.
Crochet: Vest
I crocheted vests also for our daughters, and they love them a lot. Big success also with god-children and niece, so I decided to prepare the pattern.:) I was inspired by folk, an important part of our history. When crocheting, taking pictures and writing I was impacted by the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee Martina. Events that...
Crochet: Containers
The crochet basket is very handy thing. You can put into the basket almost anything. The pattern is not written specifically, you can use it for any basket size. The most important is a yarn, its fiber type and weight. Cotton or cord, ribbon yarn and spaghetti yarn are the best.
Crochet: Cowl
The circular scarf – cowl is very practical. You can crochet it like a simple tunnel or for double wrapping. You can use different patterns. This pattern is written for absolutely beginners. The cowl is crocheted from half double crochet stitches.
Crochet: Cowl
Hooded cowl is very practical. It will warm you up on cold days and in warm environment you can always take the hood off your head. And you can crochet it shorter or longer for double wrapping.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
The slouchy or homeless hat – it is easy hat, which is made with a higher hight then classical hat. You should know how to crochet the hat in any size and from any yarn according to this pattern.
Crochet: Brimmed Hat
To crochet this beanie is fun, I think you will enjoy it and will not stick to making just one piece. This beanie is also exceptional in that it is crocheted in one piece, even when making the visor you do not have to interlock the yarn. And you can make it without visor too!
Crochet: Shrug / Bolero
Feel free to use various yarns, but consider their composition and thickness. The warmer yarn, the bolero will be super warm; with the thicker yarn, you also get thick bolero; the more elastic and soft, the bolero will be more flexible and elastic as well.
Crochet: Beret, Tam
Beanie is crocheted in beret style with elastic hem and perfect fitting on the head. Thanks to its pattern it is airy and because of used material also super warm. I find it very stylish and matches almost everything. I need to point out as well that there is practically no back seam.
Crochet: Cloche Hat
Hat is crocheted from a quality cotton yarn. It si suitable for spring or fall weather but thanks to the material used it is great for summer days as well. It was even called β€žmagicalβ€œ.  It can be adorned with crocheted or textile flowers, butterfly, ribbon or other application. I believe you create many different looks.
Crochet: Cowl, Beanie, Toque
Skill level - easy (2).
Crochet: Brimmed Hat
Trendy newsboy/newsgirl hat. You can crochet it without visor as beret too. Pattern includes all sizes from baby to adult.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
Hat attracts immediately by its pattern that looks almost as knit. Thanks to this it is also thicker, therefore warm and more elastic. The design offers many options for color combination – starting with two shades up to each line in different color. I have to say that it took me a while to get all the hints within crocheting but I love this ma...
Crochet: Earflap Hat
I wanted to crochet this earflap hat for a long time, as an inspiration, I took my design of woven hat. I think well done. My daughter grew up a lot in the meantime, but there is also an advantage there. When taking pictures, I tried to realize her idea, and that’s when these β€œcrazyβ€œ pictures had been made. Also possible to crochet it in versio...
Crochet: Billed Hat
Crocheted visor cap for boys and girls, for small and also big ones. Not only good looking but also keep the ears warm :) Ready to be decorated by button, flower or brooch. Even possible to crochet it without visor. Pattern includes 8 pages, chart and photos.
Crochet: Beanie, Toque
You can crochet this hat for anyone – for girl or boy, baby or adult. This pattern is basic, it is suitable for beginners. Advanced crocheters will find something new in pattern perhaps too. Pattern includes notes for straight back seam. The hat can be decorated with different colours, buttons, clips or crochet flowers.