Worsted Spun Laceweight from ElsaWool (Elsa Wool Company)
Worsted Spun Laceweight
ElsaWool (Elsa Wool Company)
Lace ?
350 yards
(320 meters)
50 grams
(1.76 ounces)
100% Wool
  • Drafting method:
  • Worsted spun
  • Source of fiber: United States

This is a 2-ply yarn made from pure breed Cormo sheep. Hand wash gently or machine wash without agitation to avoid felting/fulling (shrinking). Handle wet wool gently and keep the wet wool’s temperature the same during washes & rinses. Use lukewarm water, or cold (only if the wool is cold), hot to remove oil or grease (handle especially gently). For easier rinsing, use soft water to avoid damaging the wool fibers, use plain (without additives) mild (pH 6-7) soap or detergent.

Rinse gently and thoroughly. Spin in washing machine 5-10 seconds or let drain, gently roll in towel, leave 1/2 hour. Hang small items or lay large items flat until dry. Store clean and out of direct light. Use moth control if necessary.