Ashlee Brotzell
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Most of the blankets are a “throw” size.

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Blankets for baby or panels in a larger blanket, you decide!

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Technically, all of my patterns can be hung up, but these are the patterns designed specifically for the wall!

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These patterns are free! All Doctor Who patterns are included here as well as a few other random options.

These squares begin with 40 windows (81 x 81 chart).

These squares all begin with 20 windows (41 x 41 stitches on the chart). With worsted weight and a 4.5 mm hook they end up being 10” for me.

Create your own bundle: put 6 “20-window-squares” into your cart but only pay for 4!

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Scarves can be made starting at the short SIDE or LONG end (which might matter if your yarn changes colors). And, remember, you can join them together as panels in a blanket!

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These shawls will keep you warm!

These patterns included left-handed instructions so that your words will be legible! No need to read each row backwards!