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My sock patterns can be divided into five difficulty levels, which are indicated on individual pattern pages. They are defined as:

  • Beginner: These patterns are suitable for completely-brand-new sock knitters, with flexible sizing, little or no patterning, and lots of assistance with relevant sock construction techniques. Examples: Vanilla Beans eBook patterns, Chinstrap Heel Socks, Azureum Socks.
  • Easy: These patterns are suitable for advanced-beginner sock knitters, or any sock knitter who wants something “vanilla-plus” that will hold their interest but is still good TV knitting. Examples: Vastness of Space Socks, Kettle Lakes Socks, Oblique Reflex Socks.
  • Intermediate: These patterns are intended for sock knitters with at least a little bit of experience, but they are still straightforward enough to become intuitive with practice and produce an “easier-than-it-looks” FO. Examples: Sonic Texture Socks, Dizzy Diamonds Socks, Isabellina Socks.
  • Adventurous: These patterns are best-suited for sock knitters with some experience. They have a substantial amount of patterning, often with wide and/or long repeats, that might require your full attention. Examples: Friendship Bracelet Socks, Just Jealous Socks, Iralai Socks.
  • Challenging: These patterns are intended for experienced sock knitters. They have a substantial amount of patterning required, and many are constructed in an unusual way, or require combining multiple techniques together. Examples: The Worst Way Socks, Drop Zone Socks, Tana Socks.

I offer many of my sock patterns with both toe-up and cuff-down instructions. However, for a variety of reasons, sometimes it’s not feasible to write two opposing-direction patterns; I only do it if I can offer both the same finished look and an equal level of pattern quality (flexible sizing, tidy construction, relevant resources) in both directions. To browse all my sock patterns that include toe-up instructions, click here; for all my sock patterns that include cuff-down instructions, click here.

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