Eva Peñafiel

Eva Peñafiel

I’ve been crocheting since I was a child and a few years ago, when I was a mother, I discovered amigurumis and fell in love. Literally. Always looking for free time to get the hook and yarns. Crocheting on trips, even at family meals. Taking advantage of every minute of free time.

I’m sure you’re familiar with all this. Because crocheting amigurumis is more than a hobby, it’s a passion.

Plus I discovered that by crocheting, your mind escapes from the day to day. Because being a mother can be very stressful, we always put everything and everyone before ourselves. You lack time, especially time for yourself. Creating with your hands you relax and connect with yourself.

Also, I feel like we can do something else. I would like to help make children aware of the importance of protecting animals and their habitats. The importance of biodiversity. And show them what we can do for the planet.

So I’m creating patterns of endangered animals. To give them a voice and tell their story. And help them by playing a part in protecting them. Five percent of the profits of each endangered animal pattern will be donated to an NGO that protects these animals.

In my patterns you will find clear and easy to follow instructions. With many photos of the step by step, so you only have to follow the instructions, without worrying about anything else. They also include small videos of points or special steps, so you don’t have any problems.

Each endangered animal pattern includes information about the species and a short story about the character. So that you can tell it to your children, making them aware and educating them in values.