Henna Markkanen

Henna Markkanen

Henna hails from Finland, the land of long and cold winters. Despite this, she has grown fond of all lacy things, especially shawls. And when not designing lace, she often turns to cables.

For any questions or comments, Henna can be contacted via Ravelry PM or email at henna.markkanen.designs@gmail.com.

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original designs

Stranded Magazine: Warm Weather 2017
Harlington Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 68, December 2016
twist collective winter 2016
twist collective fall 2016
Vanadia Shawl
Knit Now, Issue 63, August 2016
twist collective winter 2014
Henna Markkanen Designs
Henna Markkanen Designs
twist collective fall 2013
Clotheshorse No. 4 Spring/Summer 2013
Sunray Shawl
Henna Markkanen Designs
Henna Markkanen Designs
Henna Markkanen Designs
twist collective winter 2012
Cadence Capelet
Henna Markkanen Designs
Henna Markkanen Designs
Winding Lines Scarf
Henna Markkanen Designs
Short Cabled Cardigan
Henna Markkanen Designs
Symmetria Scarf
Lace One-Skein Wonders: 101 Projects Celebrating the Possibilities of Lace