Lisa McFetridge
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A new, limited line of patterns that are simple to knit. Beginner pieces that look like way more. Neutrals and simple motifs and textures. The prices reflect the simplicity. None over $2.50

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These hats and mittens are the result of a desire to find new, untapped motifs for knitting from places near and far that are not always known for their knitting motifs. Polynesian Tattoos, Saami motifs, West African Adrinka figures, Slovakian House Motifs and Native American themes are just a few of the hats you will find here. The Bonus is many of them are STASHBUSTERS!

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Non-stranded single color accessories. Most of my work is multi-color, but I love to make side-trips into beautiful textures and cables.

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Stockings are wonderful to make. Homemade are the best. My designs are always a little different, a non-traditional color or element are a must!