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Dolly Delights presents a New Series of dolls - Mini Delights.
Much smaller than my original size dolls but just as cute (:

First dollies are already here and there is more to follow heart

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In this bundle you can find all my Winter/Christmas patterns

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Here you can find patterns for matching pairs of dolls.

  • Maggie the Elf and Lú (2015)
  • Susie Snowflake and Jack Frost (2015)
  • Ned and Nuala (2016)
  • Nellie and Ellie (2018)
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Here you can find all my cork knits and other free patterns

Enjoy (-:

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Dolls inspired by Book Characters.

  • Cornish Girl - inspired by Demelza from Poldark played by Eleanor Tomlinson

  • Aunt Jane - inspired by Miss Marple played by Geraldine McEwan

  • The Perfect Gentleman - inspired by Hercule Poirot played by David Suchet

  • Cordelia - inspired by Anne of Green Gables played by Megan Follows

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In this bundle you’ll find dolls for various yearly celebrations.

  • Valentine’s Day: Love Bug (2015)
  • St.Patrick’s Day: Jolly Leprechaun (2016)
  • Halloween: Matilda-the Friendly Witch (2015)
  • Christmas: Holly the Angel, Holly in Winter, Christmas Holly (2014)
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Annabel is an adventurous little girl with head full of dreams and imagination like no other doll. She hunts pumpkins in the Autumn leaves, makes angels in the fluffy snow and goes dancing in the hippie style (-:

Welcome to Annabel’s World (-:
I hope you enjoy knitting with her (-:

In this bundle you will find all the Annabel patterns.

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Collection of dolls started in January 2016, inspired by the years I spent in childcare (-:

At the moment there are 5 dollies here but I hope that with passing time there will be more and more…like in the playground…

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Welcome to my dancing class (-:
Everyone can dance here (: Whatever they like (: Irish jigs, Spanish taps, ballet twirls, Scottish hornpipes, Polish folk dances and even dances from the past like Charleston. Have fun and dance with us (:

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These dolls are inspired by the beauty of nature around me, flowers, seasons, woodlands, etc. It was started in March 2014 and completed at the end of 2016. It includes:

  • Spring Flowers: Bluebell Doll, Daffodil Doll, Little Tulip Doll (2014)
  • Forest Friends: Mystical Fern, Wild Berry, Amanita (2014)
  • Summer’s Bloom: Peony Doll, Forget me not, African Daisy (2014)
  • Seasonal Dolls: Golden Autumn Doll (2014), Late Spring Doll (2015), Winter Love (2015), Summer Time Girl (2016)

Who knows, maybe new dolls will join this bundle in the future.

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These little dollies have been on my mind for a very long time. It was a challenge but at the same time an exciting adventure to try and capture in a knitting form some of the most beautiful and colourful of Polish Regional Costumes.

Here you will find 2 dolls, a boy and a girl in 3 sets of regional clothing (:

  • Góral & Góralka - boy & girl in a traditional folk outfit from the region of Podhale/Polish Tatra Mountains
  • Krakowiak & Krakowianka - boy & girl in a traditional folk outfit from the region of Kraków
  • Łowicz Pair - boy & girl in a traditional folk outfit from the region of Łowicz town in Central Poland